Survive the Season with Jason Badillo

Getting over the ins and outs of training will keep you focused and motivated all season long. Fit Belizean and longtime gym devotee Jason Badillo offers survival guidance for you to make the most of the season.

Pics, Courtesy of Jason Badillo

Where I Build My Momentum: A Typical Back Day

“On days focused on my back, I do lat pulldowns, seated rows, and T-bar rows—I also enjoy a straight-bar lat pulldown. That’s a standard back day for me, and if the pre-workout is still working well, I might throw in some deadlifts at the end.”

Where I Find Untapped Energy: Pre-Workout Boost

“I take pre-workout, especially at 5:30am or for a lunchtime workout. It helps me to focus on the workout without dwelling on what’s going on around me.”

Where I’m Most Productive: Any Time Except The Evening Rush

“I avoid 5:30-6:00pm in the evening; it’s too crowded, and I’m usually exhausted from the day. I prefer getting my workout done before that.”

Where I Find Inspiration: Reflecting On My Exercise Journey

“I started exercising at a very young age, playing basketball around 5 or 6. Transitioning to cycling at 13 or 14, I got into endurance sports like triathlons, and even did 7 half-marathons. A full marathon is on my bucket list.”

Where I Grow My Potential: Learning From Exceptional Mentors

“I rode with an elite team in Belize; got the chance to ride internationally, and some experience riders recognized my potentional. Riding with them in the summers was a different level compared to what we do in Belize.”

Where I Operate With Certainty: Personal Consistency

“You don’t need to be perfect. From personal experience, consistency is key. As an adult, I’ve been consistent 3, 4, 5 times a week, and despite an imperfect diet and workout schedule, I’ve seen good results.”

Where I Go All In: Favorite Exercise

“If I had to pick just one, deadlifts would be it. It activates the entire body, and I really enjoy the intensity of deadlifts.”

Where I Keep My Focus: Being Myself

“I think you have to be yourself unapologetically. I’ve noticed a lot of people in the gym are not satisfied with who they are. My advice: continue to strive to be better and don’t be too harsh on yourself; enjoy the journey.”