How It Works
◼︎ If you ask me, “What’s the absolutely only exercises I need to do in the gym?” I’d WhatsApp you this program. It’s for muscular strength, endurance, and visible body definition—everything you need, from head to toe. You’ll be training just four times per week with the following framework: a bodyweight move to build competence; a barbell movement to stimulate strength; a cardio-based exercise to increase stamina; a dumbbell circuit to recruit new muscle; and a gymnastic stretch to aid flexibility. Your workouts may not take more than 45 minutes, but every one of them will count.
◼︎ Perform each workout once per week, resting on the weekends. Complete the routine as presented. For the barbell exercise, use my prescribed weight as a standard of strength for the season. If you’re unable to start with this, progress from a lighter load until you can. During the cardio exercise, aim to either reduce the completion time or to add speed with each session. For each dumbbell exercise, choose a load that allows you to complete all the prescribed reps and sets. Rest as needed.