Try This: Elderberry Kombucha

The European ornamental shrub meets China’s 2,000 year old tradition. It’s a marriage of worlds in the New World [Belize]. The brilliant mind of Oma Organix’s elderberry-obsessed ‘momtrepreneur’ have woven together the finest, most intricate drinks to honor the ancient elixir of kombucha.

Jiyoung, the mastermind behind Oma Organix’s Elderberry Syrup, worked deliberately with love and attention to breathe life into this liquid artwork. Her inspiration? This is a nod to her role as a mom, always wanting the best in every aspect. “Oma”, she says, means mom in Korean. Oma Organix is a bridge between the person and the passion.

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Oma Organix Elderberry Kombucha is a duo powerhouse. Each vessel encases her 100% organic elderberry syrup and home-brewed kombucha, a fermented, lightly effervescent, sweetened black tea. The two ingredients promote wellbeing, but Jiyoung have created a symphony in a bottle, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Just like fine wine, there are many surprising ways to enjoy Omo Organix Elderberry Kombucha. The beverage retails in a variety of natural flavours, including ginger spice and refreshing sorrel.

To sip a glass of this new (and sweet) approach to health and wellness, place orders through the Oma Organix WhatsApp store or